Transforma offers high-end artwork and scanning services. Our graphic designers are highly skilled and use industry-standard design applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, CorelDraw and ChemDraw.

We handle complex artwork (digital illustrations, charts, conversions, graphs, maps, redraws and chemical structures) as well as line art, colour art and colour–line combinations.

The Graphic Design Team is also adept at repurposing images for use in digital media.

Our standard artwork services include:

  • Resolution improvement
  • Technical drawings
  • Disk processing
  • Creative illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • Children illustrations
  • Situational and cartoon art
  • Image creation, assembling and manipulation
  • Image redrawing, relabeling and masking
  • Art touch up
  • Cover design
  • Colour alteration