About Us

Transforma is an Indian based e-Publishing and IT Solutions company headquartered in Chennai and a front office in USA as Transforma Inc.

With proven expertise and the state-of-the-art technology, TRANSFORMA offers end-to-end solutions for online publishing and content transformation services as a one-stop medium to publish content in multiple platforms such as web, print, e-reader, tablet or smartphone.

Transforma caters to clients across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. With over a decade of experience in e-Publishing, Software Development and Testing, Transforma aims to become a pioneer in the Quality Assurance Industry with high service standards and business friendly services built on impeccable experience and expertise.

Transforma is a team of Industry Veterans with impeccable experience in Content transformation service, Web and Mobile apps development, and Testing’s across the global business environments. The team also includes young testing professionals and aspiring testing industry champions with the energy and the enthusiasm to excel in the IT industry by providing stunning and effective solutions to business problems across the world.



To be a global leader at the cutting edge of online publishing and content transformation services by applying best industry practices, anticipating upcoming needs and requirements of customers and offering excellent quality services that are cost-effective using open-source applications wherever possible


To achieve our vision, we contribute our efforts to:

  • Become an integral part of customer's business to offer solutions matching their exact needs
  • Create and excel using innovative processes and technologies in all market segments that we serve
  • Deploy open source systems / applications to remain cost effective
  • Commit to high-quality services on time and every time
  • Train and develop our employees on a continuous basis and add value to their skills
  • Foster trust and bonding between the employees and the organization
  • Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer's content (data) by deploying IT infrastructure and practices in accordance with international standards


Mr. Murali Krishnan

Founder and Managing Director

Murali brings over two decades of experience in the Content Services industry in India. In addition to mentoring over 500 professionals, he undertaken key roles as a team member, leader and manager, before becoming an entrepreneur.

He is steering Transforma to greater heights in the area of Content Transformation Services by offering Digital Publishing solutions using HTML5 / CSS3 and EPUB 3 standards to global publishers. He directly oversees all projects related to multiple composition systems with XML workflow. Murali is a Postgraduate in IT and Business Administration.

Mr. Sankaran Mathrubutham

Senior Vice President

Sankaran brings over three decades of professional experience in the Content Services industry in India. He has closely worked with some of the leading commercial, academic and educational publishers in the STM publishing industry.

He conceptualized the Unique Content Transformation Framework to provide end-to-end solutions with optimized production processes, which enhanced the quality of services. He has been successful in widening the range of content transformation services offerings and enhanced the clientele.

Mr. Jeyakumar

Senior Technical Consultant

Jeyakumar brings over three decades of professional experience in the content services / pre-press industry. He was, in his earlier assignments responsible for building the requisite technologies/tools for production of large volume of STM journals and books for major publishers.

Recently he has studied the latest browser and computing technologies like machine learning, NLP (natural language processing), NOSQL which will be used extensively in the simplified and unique workflow system being developed by Transforma.


ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

Transforma is committed to offer high quality content transformation services on time, every time and attain customer's satisfaction.

This will be achieved by

  • developing appropriate process and technology to train ourselves on continual basis
  • updating ourselves about the latest advancements on a continual basis
  • being proactive to customer's expectations to earn customer's delight
  • being fair and ethical in our dealings
  • complying to QMS requirements and continually improving its effectiveness

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System)

Transforma is committed to provide adequate protection and confidentiality of all the information assets of the company, whether held centrally, or on local storage media, or remotely, to ensure continued availability of the information to all the authorized members of staff and/or vendors, and also to ensure integrity of all information and configuration controls.

It is therefore the company's policy to ensure that

  • the confidentiality of corporate, client and customer information will be assured
  • sensitive information will be protected against unauthorized access
  • integrity of information will be maintained
  • the information will be made available to authorized business processes and employees when required
  • regulatory and legislative requirements will be met
  • business continuity plans for mission critical activities will be produced, maintained and tested
  • information security training will be made available to all the staff
  • the company will comply with Standard ISO:27001 for information security, and
  • all breaches of information security, whether actual or suspected, will be reported to and investigated


Happy Clients Review

The index looks really good! I am going through the index with care, verifying pages and checking out subheadings. I will have a list of changes for you tomorrow, but I must say that the format and presentation of the index is very much what I had hoped to see accompanying the text, and I am enjoying working with it.


Maryse Cloutier

Our relation with Transforma since their founding in 2002 can be described as a strategic cooperation that has been exceeding by far the usual customer-vendor relations in the publishing industry. The results and highest standards of quality and fast return maintained by Transforma are hence well beyond what one can expect from a vendor. Transforma's technical expertise enabled them to diversify their offer into several directions, including complex conversions from virtually anything to E-PUB and XML, as well as running XML workflow for highly technical material on a variety of platforms.


Dr. Mirko Janc

I am extremely satisfied with my experience of working with Transforma. The team are very friendly, helpful and communicative, and solve potential problems ahead of time. Their work is always delivered on schedule, to a high standard and I look forward to continuing to work with them.


Nicky Whiteley

We have been working with Transforma (previously Tech-net) for over 4 years now on various book and journal typesetting projects. We are always impressed by their attention to detail, the fact that they raise queries where necessary and the level of communication. We very much feel like we are working as a team.



I just wanted to say that the scan and conversion was quite clean. I received a page and one-half of corrections from the editor. So we are quite pleased with Transforma’s work on this EPUB. Thank you. I just wanted to thank you and team, and communicate to you that I have sent the EPUB to Sales.


Mark Highman

Mr. Murali and his team are working very well, we are satisfied with the results achieved and we hope to continue to work together.


Victoria G. Daganzo

I am very happy and satisfied with Technet's work. You know the importance of quality and on-time delivery. Keep up the good work. I look forward to a long-term professional relationship with your company.