XPERT Production Suite

Automated inventory of projects received from clients with auto download of incoming projects and delivery of completed projects.
A sophisticated editing system offering editorial services for books and journals
Fully automated composition system (using APP-3B2 or InDesign or LaTeX) that generates print PDF and other electronic deliverables (books, journals, magazines & MRWs)
An automated e-proof delivery system with mail notification to authors / production editors / content production managers
An online proofing and correction tool to review / update content by the author / editor in real time with user friendly interface (editor) — offered for books & journals
A real time tracking system for effective production management
Peer Review Management System (offered only to journal publishers)
Unique transformation apps to transform legacy data to new digital formats


  • Inventory of received projects
  • Auto-download from FTP
  • Auto-file movement along with auto-zip to the respective directory
  • Conversion to common format XML / HTML5
  • Incoming inspection by PPC Team
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XPERT Edit provides sophisticated, potential and flexible production solutions through a suite of editorial and XML Conversion tools that are customized to meet the individual requirements of each publisher.

XPERT Edit is attuned to all formats (Word / LaTeX / XML) and copyediting is carried over in our proprietary online (web-based) editorial system which takes care of the complete editorial functions from clean-up, pre-editing, copyediting, and language editing. It facilitates the editors by ensuring quality and reducing the manual intervention.

Integrated solutions from Word2XML through workflow system, efficient productivity, and swift delivery are ensured.

Transforma transforms human intelligence into machine acumen by facilitating the editors in semantic delivery with a minimal mandatory interface and proprietary databank for each editorial functionalities. Web-based editing extrapolates from automated pre-editing to TF JATS XML for journals and BITS XML for books.

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XPERT Page is an automated composition engine (APP-3B2 or InDesign or LaTeX) that generates the proof of content output from XPERT Edit. It provides full composition services for the production of Journals, Books, Magazines and Major Reference Works.

  • First-XML workflow in all platforms
  • Flexible to Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP, formerly Advent 3B2), Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Adobe FrameMaker
  • Template-driven layouts
  • Standard industry practices and current technology
  • Ensuring the content integrity by transforming the content into a standard neutral file format (XML)
  • Varied layout designs ranges from single/multi-column and single/four-colour in addition to special designs for educational books
xpert page

XPERT Deliver

XPERT Deliver is an automated e-proof delivery with mail notification to the author / editor.

  • Automated shipment mails and queries at every stage
  • Reconcilation of work items
  • Autolisting of projects ready to dispatch
  • Verifies the mandatory materials to deliver
  • Comfort to track the history of the project
  • Re-upload option, if required
  • Bulk uploading is feasible along with bulk mail attachment for journal project management
  • Automated processing of billing
xpert deliver


XPERT Proof is an online proofing and correction tool to review / update content by the author / editor in real time with user friendly interface (editor).

  • Web-based integrated system
  • Easy access to authors, editors and typesetters
  • Reduces physical intervention
  • Preserves content integrity
  • Cost-effective to the publishers
  • Reduces publishing cycle time
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XPERT Tracker

XPERT Tracker is a real-time tracking system for effective production management.

  • Web-based tracking system from login to delivery
  • Dashboard access to the respective clients
  • Directory structure is automated and linked to the tracking of the jobs
  • Well-integrated with XPS to facilitate author / editor corrections in the cloud
  • seamlessly scalable and can be used across sites
  • Versatile production scheduling
  • Comfy project management
  • Hassle-free 24/7 follow-ups
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