Transforma provides full composition services for the production of books similar to journals.

Delivering composition services, through a combination of advanced technology and expert professionals. We specialize in a variety of composition formats including:

  • Arbortext APP (3B2)
  • Adobe InDesign
  • LaTeX
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe FrameMaker

Proof Reading

Our proofreaders ensure consistency in all aspects of style and usage. They pay special attention to:

  • Styling of headings, lists and other features
  • Layout (designing, measuring)
  • Equation alignment
  • Floats such as tables, figures, boxes and schemes
  • Consistency (e.g. references, maths variables)
Proof Reading


Transforma enriches your electronic content using XML-based indexing, tagging and labelling. This facilitates generation of highly relevant search results and makes content management scalable, searchable and easily accessible for the future. Our team is proficient in indexing for Journals, Books and Major Reference Works.