As publishing industry has evolved from MONOMEDIA (print) to MULTIMEDIA (digital) to SMART MEDIA (tablets and Smartphone) with the advent of Internet and mobile technology, the Leadership Team of the company has responded to the dynamics of the industry and rebranded the company to TRANSFORMA to reflect the technological transformation and the client necessitates.


Transforma has adapted the best-of-breed technology, which has enabled it to optimize its process workflow and generate consistent quality.

Our Approach


We understand the essence of the requirements through a comprehensive requirement assessment and business correlation and offer options and services to materialize existing goals while being prepared for future challenges.

Co Create

We create and deliver services and solutions in collaboration with the client’s representatives and teams in order to fully transfer and embed high quality software testing expertise that match our client’s requirements.

Standard Delivery

Our service delivery manifesto is a comprehensive guideline to enable simple, clear, documented communication delivered through intelligent real time reports, iteration modules, SCRUMs and updates to the clients.