Project Management

Transforma offers complete project management services, which include everything from crafting a feasible project plan and assigning tasks, to budgeting and communicating with all the stakeholders. Our dedicated Project Manager (PM) also keeps track of manuscripts, copyediting, copyright, artwork, typesetting, proofreading, collation, and indexing — to ensure efficient and timely content delivery. To offer our clients additional 24/7 support, we have deployed an on-shore PM in the US.

Our PMs are not only skilled in the art of management but also possess deep domain expertise and relevant industry experience. And your PM is your effective single point of contact that ensures smooth communication, rapid handling of queries, timely solutions, and faster feedback implementation, which saves you a significant amount of time in the long run. So, you can focus on your company's core activities, while leaving the end-to-end management of your project safely in our competent hands.

Transforma efficiently manages large document typesetting projects for both books and journals:



  • Scientific, technical, medical (STM)
  • Academic books for K2-K12, elementary and high school education, as well as higher education
  • Major reference works such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, catalogues, and directories
  • Professional books
  • Legal books
  • Trade books
  • Comic books
  • Multi-colour books


  • STM, social sciences, and humanities publishers
  • Professional and scholarly publishing societies, institutes, associations
  • University presses

Peer Review

The increasingly competitive scholarly space is constantly flooded with new journals, making the highly expensive and time-consuming task of peer review ever more challenging. Seamless, efficient, and reliable, our peer review management system applies a double-blind review, ensuring that the identities of the reviewer and author are concealed from each other. Authors can effortlessly upload their submissions via our web-based system, and the editorial team ensures quality and checks for plagiarism by interacting within the system, until the publication is accepted. Our solution also queues articles based on priority, assesses articles keeping in mind your quality parameters, manages queries, comments, and feedback, conducts thorough quality checks, and timely tracking and reporting.

Outsourcing peer review management will not only accelerate your workflow and reduce the burden on your editorial staff, but also ensure significant cost savings. In fact, clients who leverage our proprietary workflow tool to manage peer review cut down on cost by up to 40%!

Consideration Factors:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Content validation
  • Conformance to technical standards
  • Assignment allocation to the respective stakeholders
  • File preparation of the accepted manuscript for production
  • Continuity of the application
  • Long-term viability of the user
  • Highly secure system
  • Graphics handling
  • Migration aspects
  • Status tracking and reporting
  • Support and training
  • Template maintenance for authors, editors and reviewers
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer relationship management
  • All stakeholders in the same page for any queries and clarifications
  • Databank maintenance
  • Reminders and invitations
  • Progress notifications from submission until acceptance
  • Editorial intelligence
  • Reduced administration time

Author Management

We work as member of the Author Services group, helping the author in their administrative activities and help them in the entire editorial production cycle. We handle tasks that include manuscript management, helping the author to revise and reset the manuscript in consultation with the Editorial office. Our goal is to ensure smooth and accurate management of work, on time and to high levels of quality.


Book Development

Transforma has built its proprietary books commissioning platform, which helps in end to end manuscript and permission management for all types of Books. The platform can be used by Commissioning Editors, Acquisition Editors, Rights & Permissions team and Marketing communications colleagues.

Proposal submission: Author submits book proposal via platform and commissioning Editor assigns/conducts peer review and presents to Editorial Advisory Board.

Contract: Commissioning Editor offers a contract to author and platform helps to manage funder or institution payment for processing charge.

Submission: Author submits manuscript via platform and Editor conducts peer review and discusses final revisions with Author. All email transactions are managed via the platform.

Rights & Permissions: The platform allows to handle end to end Permission management process and keeps a tab on expenses.

Marketing samplers: The team at Transforma helps to conduct a marketing strategy including but not limited to:

  • Creating reviews
  • Social media updates
  • Conferences, including creation of web pages
  • Mailing lists
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Flyers

Manufacturing: Transforma team has in depth experience in handling the Manufacturing process, including distribution (Printer, POD, Digital channels). The team also works on systems like ACUMEN Book, PPM, etc.,