XPERT Review

XPERT Review is a cloud-based manuscript submission and peer-review management system for scholarly journals, books and other publications.

Simple and secure system which allows authors to submit manuscripts, receive completeness report, retrieve metadata for transfer and act on revisions. Editors will have full control over their journal and can customize it based on the journal workflow. For more information visit our website :

Key Features


Manage your submission, receive manuscript report, get alerts and track peer review process.

Plagiarism Check

Transforma can include 3rd party plagiarism check tools into the process as required by publishers.

Secure System

Supports blind peer review and journal setup will be managed by Transforma.

Customer Support

24*7 support, with training and community support.

Finding Reviewer

Transforma can upload your reviewer database into the XPERT Review system. It can also partner with other thirdy party review databases based on the request from publishers.


As an author/researcher you can transfer the article to another peer review system. On withdrawal/transfer the metadata automatically will be sent to you from the system.


An exclusive cloud-based solution to automate and streamline your production cycle, Vedas is globally accessible via any web browser. Employing the cutting-edge technology of natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), this proprietary workflow solution enhances the efficiency of previously time-consuming tasks such as pre-editing, copy editing, XML conversion, and author proofing.

Vedas relies on automation to ensure a record turnaround time of 24 hours for pre-editing and copyediting and it also mitigates the risk of human error. Utilizing Vedas has enabled our clients to adhere to stringent content delivery timelines, handle high-volume projects effortlessly, and receive content in ready-to-publish formats that are compatible with any platform and device.



Vedas fully automates the pre-editing process of a journal article by structuring the document into the front, body, and back sections, and identifying the reference types. The content of the front section is further classified based on the author group(s), affiliations, abstract, keywords, and more. Vedas utilizes core NLP machine learning as well as pattern matching to ensure that the bibliography is well-organized, and it accurately cites figures, tables, and references. Furthermore, Vedas cross-references against relevant websites and inserts the DOI number in all journal references, inserts all missing elements, and automatically inserts queries when required. Vedas also refers to Transforma’s comprehensive database to correctly identify genus species, enzymes, and Latin terminology.


Vedas' sophisticated editing system speeds up the copyediting process and reduces the burden on the editorial team by flagging potential errors and offering replacement suggestions. It generates a report about UK and US spelling of words found in the text and offers options to change the spelling. Similarly, Vedas can perform probability checks, flag inconsistencies in hyphens/en-dash, upper- and lowercase, abbreviations/expansion, and keywords, and offer accurate replacement options.

XML Conversion

Vedas can efficiently and precisely transform the structured content into XML, based on your specifications and policies, thus ensuring that your content is easy to access, reuse, and repurpose. We also offer parsing options along with an XML viewer to read, structure, and convert all your data into the highly flexible and effective format of XML.

Author Proofing

Vedas harnesses XML and HTML5 technology, which means that the content can be directly accessed by authors via any browser and device across the globe. It features the cascading style sheets approach to display and edit XML files, enabling authors to conveniently carry out corrections and respond to queries in the same document as the editors. Moreover, a sophisticated Reference Edit tool allows authors to insert new elements into a pre-existing reference as well as offers the option to insert a new reference based on the DOI number and plain text. As soon as a new element is inserted, the new reference is structured in a jiffy!

XPERT Xpress

Chapter analysis and completeness report at Book commissioning stage or at Journal submission

Generates track changed Word/LaTeX and Pdf

Customization options:

  • Semantic enrichment (based on publisher’s needs)
  • Graphics and grammar check
  • Seamless integration with third party apps/databases for NLP, ML


XPERT Edit provides sophisticated, potential and flexible production solutions through a suite of editorial and XML Conversion tools that are customized to meet the individual requirements of each publisher.

XPERT Edit is attuned to all formats (Word / LaTeX / XML) and copyediting is carried over in our proprietary online (web-based) editorial system which takes care of the complete editorial functions from clean-up, pre-editing, copyediting, and language editing. It facilitates the editors by ensuring quality and reducing the manual intervention.

Integrated solutions from Word2XML through workflow system, efficient productivity, and swift delivery are ensured.

Transforma transforms human intelligence into machine acumen by facilitating the editors in semantic delivery with a minimal mandatory interface and proprietary databank for each editorial functionalities. Web-based editing extrapolates from automated pre-editing to TF JATS XML for journals and BITS XML for books.

xpert edit


XPERT Page is an automated composition engine (APP-3B2 or InDesign or LaTeX) that generates the proof of content output from XPERT Edit. It provides full composition services for the production of Journals, Books, Magazines and Major Reference Works.

  • First-XML workflow in all platforms
  • Flexible to Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP, formerly Advent 3B2), Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Adobe FrameMaker
  • Template-driven layouts
  • Standard industry practices and current technology
  • Ensuring the content integrity by transforming the content into a standard neutral file format (XML)
  • Varied layout designs ranges from single/multi-column and single/four-colour in addition to special designs for educational books
xpert page


Control author correction process for your books and journals

This platform helps Publishers to have full control over the entire correction process. It also helps Editors and Publishers to validate and approve Author corrections. For more information visit our website:

Correction process

Control the entire author correction process

Project Management

Track milestones, tasks and manage all aspects pf a project within a user friendly portal.

Content Proofing

Make corrections and accept/reject changes to content directly within system.

Integrated Communications

Transparent line of communication tagged against all tasks and milestones for easy referance.

Immediate Content Transformation

Submit changes to content and immeidatley transform tp PDF or EPUB with the click of button.

XPERT Workflow

Cloud based workflow management system accessible by Editors and Publishers for content and reports