Content Conversion

It is essential to transform your content into multiple reusable and responsive formats and make it more discoverable and easy for you to repurpose. However, while doing so, you need to maintain the integrity of data in terms of style and formatting, or you risk affecting the readability of your content. Transforma uses natural language processing (NLP) to enhance the conversion process and deliver high-quality, structured content in a wide range of output formats such as ePub, ePub2, ePub3, Mobi, HTML5, XML, and SGML.

Transforma’s digital conversion services also include scanning, digitization, and archival work from hard copies of books and journals. We utilize OCR scanning to extract text from images in order to make it easy to search, copy, edit, and reuse. We also seamlessly convert Flash to HTML5 to ensure your interactive content is responsive and can be accessed using any device. Whether your content originated from a hard copy or a soft copy source, we efficiently digitize and transform large volumes in a cost-effective manner.


EBook Conversion

One of the greatest challenges that publishers face today is maintaining the quality of their content during the ebook conversion process, particularly when volumes are high. Transforma’s expertise and experience in the field enables us to efficiently and accurately convert large volumes of ebooks with a short turnaround time.

We thoroughly check each book against a comprehensive checklist, based on your guidelines, to offer the best possible quality. Moreover, our team performs a compatibility test to ensure that each book offers a seamless reading experience on all devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers. Whether the input files are manuscripts, print or image documents, Word files, or they are in InDesign, PDF and XML formats, we can convert them to ePub3, KF8, web-ready PDFs or any other format of your choice.

Interactive eBooks

Our experts develop interactive ebooks with aesthetically enriched animation and graphics, embedded audios and videos, and effective interactive features. This ensures that everyone can use a single version of content (“master source”) across multiple platforms and devices such as tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and PCs. Interactive ebooks are highly useful for educators, professionals of all kinds, and students, as such format offers a fascinating reading experience and a well-defined learning approach.

Ebooks with Reflowable Formats

Transforma develops ebooks with ePub3 formatting standards to enhance user experience while reading, teaching and learning. We convert the content into reflowable eBook formats that are generally suitable for textbooks or books with a simple format, Mobi files for Amazon-based devices and apps, and ePub files for all other reading devices.

Key features in ePub3 formatting:

  • Enhanced accessibility including text-only descriptions of all images
  • MathML for incorporation of math formulas
  • Multiple preferences for improved global presentation and distribution
  • Multiple style sheets, allowing dynamic vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Support for all key international languages
  • Synchronization for audio, video, and interactive features
  • User-friendly format to select text, and explore within the content
  • Visually appealing ebooks with high-quality graphics, video, and animation

Ebooks with Fixed-Layout Formats

Fixed-layout ebook formats are best-suited for children picture books, cookbooks, travel guides, restaurant guides, company reports and annual reviews, academic publications, textbooks and other learning materials, and business guides, as these books involve:

  • Complex design and miscellaneous images
  • Multi-column text that requires replication on the output device
  • Stringent layouts with illustrations and graphics
  • Complex publishing processes compared to standard ePub formats, as fixed-layout formats, require precise control of page layout and image positioning during display

Transforma delivers the following complex fixed-layout ebook formats in a cost-effective manner:

  • Fixed-layout ePub3 for Apple, Google, and Kobo
  • Fixed-layout KF8 and Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle devices
  • Kindle Textbook Creator for Amazon
  • Nook Comics and PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble
Samples Here

XML Transformation

XML, a data-description language, is highly useful for converting data into several output formats to simplify data sharing and multi-channel publishing. Transforma can help you leverage the power of your content by transforming your documents into XML format to enable content reuse, storage and aggregation.


Some of the key aspects of XML Transformation solutions.

  • Transforming and optimizing physical or scanned documents, mobile formats, PDF files, Doc files and RTF into the highly structured XML format for easy access and reusability
  • Transforming and managing characteristics of data-intensive media files
  • Converting documents from several international languages
  • Converting books, magazines, journals, manuscripts and other documents into XML formats
Samples Here

Flash to HTML5

Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (HTML5), a markup language for the structure and presentation of World Wide Web content, supports the traditional HTML and XHTML-style syntax and adds other new features in its markup, new APIs, XHTML, and error handling.

Transforma, with the advantages offered by HTML5 technology, generates user-friendly interfaces that are portable for e-Readers and smartphones with a unique content transformation framework. We, Transforma, convert several input formats such as MS Word documents, PDF, PowerPoint files or Flash videos into the HTML5 output which has an interactive visually enhanced interface with powerful searching capabilities.

Key features

  • Available elements such as article, aside, audio, command, details, figcaption, figure, footer, header, mark, meter, output, progress, section, source, summary, time and video
  • Obtainable types of form controls such as date and time, email, URL, search, number, range, tel and colour
  • Support for use of inline Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) and Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) in text / HTML