Transforma's new EditLatex platform was developed to help authors, editors, typesetters and publishers to handle their journal and books proofing process. Mindful of the advantages and familiarity of authors in handling TeX, this platform was build giving them the true experience on working directly on the codes, rather than the rendered view. Math formulas are rendered with MathJaX when viewed but will be edited as LaTeX code, and regular text edited as in any regular text editing software.


The first pane lists queries that need attention, the second pane in native TeX file and also your editing window, and third pane generates pdf on the fly, displaying your changes.

Math display

You don’t have to compile the file every time to look at the display Math. Just select the corrected Math code with your mouse and there you are: Your updated Math is visible:

It doesn’t stop here, the editing pane tracks all your changes, with track change, as seen in Microsoft word and helps everyone in the process to keep track of it.

Keeping in mind the publishing requirements, the system automatically validates all your query responses and alerts if anything is not attended, thus avoiding multiple interactions. The PDF, Latex and queries are all interlinked, so one click brings all the relevant content for your visibility.


We understand that you may not be able to immediately move away from your existing typesetting vendors, so as a special feature, this product can be used by your existing vendor by just loading the Latex, PDF and image files into our cloud and we will generate and return the AWS link back to your typesetter and they could then pass to the author. Once the author submits the file, our system will validate and send back the Latex, pdf, XML, query response, list of corrections, attachments and any other specifics that’s needed for your journals/books.

XML: Even if your typesetter does not have an XML first workflow, no need to worry. We will also generate and include XML in the package.


  • Solution for latex authors
  • Attractive pricing plans
  • Seamless integration with publisher workflow
  • Online proofing / submission
  • Manage queries / comments
  • PDF revision with track changes
  • Real time layout adjustments
  • Full text XML generation