Our innovative cloud-based solution relies on cutting-edge technology to speed up the editing process, enabling us to deliver high-quality content within just 24 hours! It employs core NLP machine learning and pattern matching algorithms to fully automate pre-editing, thus ensuring a well-organized bibliography, accurate figures, insertion of the DOI number in all journal references, raising queries when required, flagging and offering correction suggestions for inconsistencies in using upper- vs. lowercase terms, UK vs. US spelling, punctuation, and more.

After pre-editing, our experienced copyeditors perform substantive editing to ensure that the content is clear, accurate, concise, and consistent. They possess an excellent command of the English language and are well-versed in standard manuals, including the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Handbook, and APA style.

Transforma's standard copyediting tasks include:

  • Ensuring grammatical accuracy and consistency in terms of country-specific spellings, casing, abbreviations, font, and layout
  • Language editing for both native and non-native English speaking authors
  • Reference validation: We verify accuracy by checking references against external databases such as Crossref with customer-specific adjustments
  • Ensuring that the copy's tone, style, and formatting is in harmony with the publisher's requirements and policies
  • Adhering to technical and scientific standards based on style manuals

Language Editing

We offer guaranteed quality in copyediting and language editing services to our clients. We ensure that the article/manuscript strictly follows the publisher style guide and also conforms to the international quality standards. We are experts in AMA, ACS, Chicago manual, AMA and also handle publisher specific requirements.

We ensure grammar, writing style/tone and formatting issues are given importance and also record the revisions to ensure repeat feedbacks are avoided. We even have PhD scholars who have years of experience in editing articles for many publication. Logical issues and writing style are corrected/commented upon for manuscripts as per the service chosen by the publisher.

For onshore UK based services, our partners Sunrise setting https://sunrise-setting.co.uk provide us this service. This company is based in Brixham, UK.

For creation any Math specific manuscript or article, we provide support via our Math expert, Dr. Mirko Janc

Our services cover, a broad range of documents journal articles, dissertations, book manuscripts, speeches, etc. and customize our edit to suit a variety of writing styles. We offer you our professional expertise in helping you communicate a well-structured and polished research plan to reviewers.


Service includes:

  • Errors correction in verb/subject and antecedent agreement.
  • Errors correction in phrasing and word choice.
  • Checking for non-parallel structure, coordination, and subordination.
  • Errors in spelling correction.
  • Errors in punctuation correction.
  • Correcting Typographical errors.
  • Punctuation.
  • Grammar.
  • Consistency in style and terminology.
  • Consistency in font and page layout.
  • Construction of sentence.
  • Word choice.
  • Language tips.
  • Structure and Flow.
  • Checking logic, relevance, clarity.
  • Free word reduction.
  • Journal formatting

XML Conversion

Our advanced workflow automatically identifies the publication category, whether it is a journal, a book, or a conference paper, and automatically converts all your data from MS Word and LaTeX to the highly flexible format of XML. Furthermore, our in-house XML validator ensures that the XML files are valid post-conversion, and wherever a DOI has been provided, the system also automatically fixes incomplete references. As our team is armed with an arsenal of tools and the plenty of experience, the conversion process is rapid, accurate, and cost-effective.



At Transforma, graphics design is executed alongside XML conversion for maximum speed. Our creative team utilizes industry-standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and ChemDraw to create and handle artwork such as digital illustrations, complex chemical structures, maps that need redrawing, charts, graphs, line art, colour art, and colour-line combinations. The team's capabilities also include adequate repurposing images for use in digital media.

Our standard artwork services include:

  • Resolution improvement
  • Technical drawings
  • Processing art delivered “the old way” on disk
  • Creative illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • Children publications illustrations
  • Situational and cartoon art
  • Image creation, assembling, and manipulation
  • Image redrawing, relabeling, and masking
  • Art touch-up
  • Cover design
  • Colour alteration


Our composition team skillfully arranges the artwork in such a manner that the pages are presentable, appealing, and easy to read, thus helping you better monetize your content. Skilled and experienced at balancing visual elements along with text, our team ensures neat page layouts and precise pagination. Each page is perfectly crafted in accordance with best industry practices and your guidelines, and for accurate pagination, we use the industry-standard software in the market such as InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX, QuarkXPress, and Adobe FrameMaker. Before the deliverables are sent to you for review, we perform one more final check to ensure the best possible quality.

We deliver composition services through a combination of advanced technology and work of professionals with highest expertise. We specialize in a variety of composition engines, depending on the content of the publication, including:

  • Arbortext APP (3B2)
  • Adobe InDesign
  • LaTeX
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe FrameMaker

Quality Control

Content that is rife with basic typesetting slip-ups such as crowded letters and lines, text-heavy pages, widows, orphans, and mismatched fonts, will have a negative impact on readability and just does not look right. To ensure well-designed and error-free content, our team carefully inspects each page to check and rectify any minor mistakes. After this final QC check and a proofreading check for grammatical errors, your book or journal will be delivered to you in a ready-to-publish format.



An indispensable part of the publishing process, proofreading ensures style and usage consistency in the copy, as per your guidelines. Hawk-eyed and trained to pay attention to detail, our expert proofreaders quickly spot and rectify errors in various areas, such as:

  • Styling of headings, lists, and other elements
  • Layout (design and page measures)
  • Equation alignment
  • Floats such as tables, figures, boxes, and schemes
  • Consistency in references, math variables, and more

Author Proofing System


Most publishers employ PDF-based proofing in which authors and editors mark up PDFs delivered to them as a proof, and then the typesetter creates a new PDF with all the corrections made to the source file. This method is time-consuming and inefficient as a lot of back-and-forth goes on between authors and the editorial team, especially when several clarifications are required, thus causing a significant delay in the publishing cycle. Moreover, the manual intervention in PDF proofing could lead to errors due to misinterpretation of ambiguous corrections.

To shorten the production cycle and mitigate errors, Transforma's efficient cloud-based solution is based on XML and HTML5 technology, which gives authors worldwide online access to proofs via any browser and device. As a secure collaborative system, our user-friendly author proofing solution features a dashboard for seamless navigation and easy access to all the collated proofs.

  • Built-in online proofing
  • Compatibility with various handheld devices and Internet browsers
  • Easy-to-use interface for inserting and deleting elements
  • User credentials
  • Real-time content editing
  • Tracking changes similar to the MS Word format
  • ASCII characters
  • Seamless comment navigation
  • Granulated reference editing
  • Reference citation linking
  • Global update of references from one place
  • Relaxed routing
  • Query management
  • Modifying text or table content and posting comments about images and equations
  • Reducing the number of multiple proofing iterations
  • Eliminating PDF annotations
  • Auto-backup of all work
  • Auto-update of LaTeX and XML files, as per your needs
  • Promptly updated PDFs
  • Safe and secure collaborative system
  • Built-in hack-free structure


At Transforma, our team of professional indexers offer taxonomy-driven content indexing to ensure that your content is easy to discover, view, search, and access in conformance with keywords and terms used in your field. We help you to continue beeing an authoritative and reliable source of information to a wide audience by creating a well-designed and hyperlinked index in a database recognized in your field. Our experts build and maintain a deep taxonomy by analyzing your content, classifying core topics and sub-topics based on their significance, link related topics, and organize the entries with clear sub-headings and cross references.

We also make sophisticated use of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to automate and streamline the process, increase efficiency, reduce the risk of human errors, and ensure the consistent tagging of new content. Once your content is easy to find, highly visible, and organized, it will help you reach a larger reader base and eventually, lead to an increase in your ROI.