Transforma participating in SSP 41st Annual Meeting

Transforma is pleased to announce its participation at this year’s SSP Annual Meeting

SSP Annual Meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to explore our new product which is a full-service production and management tool for publishing journals and books at drastic speed.

Come and join us!

SSP 41st Annual Meeting
May 29–31, 2019
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
San Diego, CA

What is it you will see in ?

Versatile editor designed for accuracy and speed) is an integrated system of four main systems: XPERT Review, XPERT Xpress, XPERT Workflow, and XPERT Platform. This is a cloud-based system to transform the raw manuscript into an excellent piece of published material. This is an effective cost-cutting tool.

This does Peer Review Management. It is a submission system for publisher. This system will analyse the document submitted and will generate completeness report and will decide the level of editing.

All the contents that are in Word or Latex that can run on browser can be accessed, utilized, edited, and can be transformed into XML and Pdf worldwide through any browser. This system will enhance the turnaround time of the project and will be user friendly.

This is a workflow management system which can give the status of the project simultaneously for both the authors and the inhouse people. This automatically moves the file from one department to another and finally uploads the file and notifies the author once the job is over.

This system provides an opportunity for the authors to make their corrections online using a sophisticated editing tool, also this platform gives the proof pdf and track pdf instantly.

In addition, if time permits, it is our privilege to showcase some of our other services and facilities.